Meet Our Mentor,

Andy Pina

Safety Director, Pacific Rim Mechanical

Andy entered the construction field as a plumber/helper in 1988 and after 2 years went to work for Pacific Rim Mechanical (Pac. Rim) as a plumber apprentice. He was looking for a good company to give him the right training. His claim to fame is he hasn’t done a day of plumbing since working for Pacific Rim. The large project that he was hired for was put on hold for six weeks, so they offered him a position in the sheet metal shop as an interim.  He learned more in those six weeks than his first year of plumbing work. After six weeks Pac. Rim offered Andy a permanent position in the sheet metal shop. Andy accepted the offer with the request that he receive training and continuing education. Four years later after completing the R.O.P. Sheet Metal course he was promoted to Shop Foreman. He was responsible for layout, design and fabrication of all shop work and the crew. In 1994 he obtain a California Competent Welder certificate thru the R.O.P.

In 1997, Pacific Rim Mechanical closed the Sheet Metal Shop. Andy was then promoted to Tool Administer / Shop Supervisor. He oversaw purchasing, maintenance and inventory of all company / rental tools and equipment for the company. He continued his education through a R.O.P program learning basic computer knowledge. Andy was responsible for setting up a computer tool tracking system for tracking over 3,000 company tools. It is still in use with over 8,000 pieces of equipment in its inventory.

In 2000, he joined the Safety Department for Pac. Rim. He worked on the Merk Project as site Safety Coordinator. His primary responsibility was to prevent unsafe acts or hazards and to inspire proactive safety awareness. Daily he performed safety inspection, interfaced with other contractor’s safety representatives and management. In 2001 after completing the NCCR Safety Manager Course he was promoted to Safety Manager for Pac. Rim.

In 2003, he was promoted to Safety Director. He is now responsible for providing safety training, monitoring all sites for compliance with CAL/OSHA laws and contract safety requirements. He assists all Pac. Rim employees with safety planning for the projects. He is a current committee member of the ABC San Diego Sheet Metal Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee, Plumbing/Pipefitting Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee, and Safety Committee and was past Chair. Andy enjoys giving back to the community by volunteering his time and construction knowledge by working with Habitat for Humanity, San Diego River Park Foundation and Camp NAWIC.

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