1. What is the academy?

The Safety Academy is designed to help attendees understand the importance of leadership commitment, cultural transformation and safety management processes in achieving a zero-incident jobsite. The Safety Academy is different from any other safety training you’ve experienced; it goes beyond the “technical” side of safety and explores the emotional and behavioral components that take safety from one of many priorities to the core value upon which all decisions are based. This in-depth, two day exploration of what it takes to transform your safety culture and mindset will be led by contractors and owners, and will establish the trajectory of your organization toward world-class safety performance.

2. Who is the target audience?

Company leaders and influencers will benefit from participation in this program. The 2017 Safety Performance Report (SPR) revealed C-Suite engagement reduced the TRIR and DART rate by up to 54 percent. This training targets company leaders and their leadership team who have the most impact on developing an uncompromising safety culture. Other company representatives can join the program after the initial session but it is strongly encouraged that leadership participates in advance.

3. How is training delivered?

Four modules deliver training: understanding your current safety performance, leadership commitment, understanding cultural transformation and commitment to world-class safety, and implementing and deploying world-class safety systems from the ABC STEP program.

4. Will the participants receive credentials after completing the training?

An ABC Safety Certification with continuing education requirements is currently being considered.

5. How long is the course (hours)?

Total: 10 hours, typically delivered over two days.

6. Who can teach the course? What qualifications are needed?

An individual must successfully complete the ABC Safety Academy Train the Trainer program, and learn the program’s objectives, such as understanding and measuring a company’s culture. Typical instructor qualifications include: an individual responsible for safety at an organizational level, time and experience in the field or responsibility for safety performance, basic classroom management and presentation skills, an uncompromising attitude toward safety performance, knowledge of STEP and the SPR, and employment at a chapter or by an ABC STEP participating member.

7. What are the costs of the instructors’ materials and trainees’ materials?

All other materials including the slide deck and materials will be given to each student upon completion of the Train the Trainer program. Participants will be expected to cover expenses to attend the Train the Trainer session (details in accompanying email).

8. Are there certification and re-certification processes for trainees and trainers?

Because part of the Safety Academy is based on the SPR, trainers will need to request an updated slide deck from ABC National each year.