The Associated Builders and Contractors San Diego (ABCSD) Apprenticeship program is a state and federally recognized construction training program. Apprenticeship Career and Technical Education (CTE) combines paid on-the-job training and work experience with formal classroom instruction. Apprentices are employed by a company where they receive hands-on training, and attend classes in the evening to study theory and  participate in hands-on technical training.  

​After successfully completing this program,apprentices receive certificates of completion from the State of California and U.S. Department of Labor. 

According to a Department of Labor study, individuals who finish apprenticeships earn an average of $240,000 more in wages over a lifetime than job seekers with similar work experience. In fact, more than 90 percent of apprentices are employed after completing our ABCSD Apprenticeship training program, with an average starting wage above $50,000. Some people call apprenticeship programs “the other four-year degree.” 

As an organization devoted to producing a skilled and well-trained construction workforce which can meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and technology driven profession, ABCSD encourages more men and women to consider a career in the construction industry. Given the growing shortage of skilled craft professionals, estimated to be 1.6 million people by 2022 nationwide, there will be tremendous future job opportunities for a skilled and trained craft professional.