Advocacy FAQs

How does ABCSD advocate for your business interests?

No other group represents you as a Merit Shop contractor like ABCSD. Joining with other chapters in California and with our nationwide network and organization, members and staff educate and advocate for fair and open competition in contracting without excessive government mandates or intrusion.

What are ABC’s legislative and regulatory priorities?

ABC’s priorities on a local, state, and national level include:

  • Stopping employment discrimination on public projects through Project Labor Agreements (PLAs)
  • Protecting ABC’s apprenticeship training opportunities on all projects, and educating the next generation of skilled construction professionals
  • Promoting healthy growth in the construction marketplace
  • Encouraging diversity in the construction industry, including better representation among traditionally under-represented groups including minorities, women, and military veterans
  • Fighting against unnecessary and costly regulations and licensure
How can I get involved to protect my business?
  • Information: Read our member newsletter. ABCSD’s member newsletter keeps you up to date on pending legislation or adverse government actions, and issues “Calls to Action” for you to participate, speak up, and be heard
  • Communication: Let policy makers know how their decisions affect you as a constituent. When ABCSD needs to raise concerns on behalf of our shared interests, take time to send an email, make a call, or even show up at a government board meeting or hearing and represent the Merit Shop point of view
  • Participation: Join our Political Action Committee. ABCSD’s Political Action Committee (PAC) works to stay informed on threats to fair and open competition among all contractors, and acts as your voice to inform and educate decision-makers. Your support whether volunteer or financial can help protect members from damaging Project Labor Agreements and other measures which shut down our ability to win work in the open marketplace.