Sammy Crow

Project Manager, HPS Mechanical, Inc.

Necessity led Sammy to a career in construction.  She needed a full-time job and the first one that came her way was a job as a dispatcher for a plumbing company.  Her path included working as an administrative assistant for the purchasing department with an electrical contractor, eventually moving into the projects side as a project assistant, project engineer, and now a project manager!  Through it all, she fell in love with the industry and has continued to grow, develop, and learn.  Her biggest challenge has been not having the field knowledge.  Sammy shared she has learned so much over the years but knows there is still opportunity to learn more.  ABCSD asked Sammy what has been most rewarding for her?  What she appreciates most is driving past a building that she worked on and knowing that she had a hand in its structure, its build and this building will be around for years.  Sammy looks forward to continuing growing as a project manager and having an impact in the growth of her company in San Diego.

Sammy’s advise for women in the industry is to “have a backbone.”  Sammy knows that it can get tough sometimes, however, staying strong and confident equips us to step up and handle it.  If you keep the mindset that you can handle it, you will be just fine.