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Marcella Garofalo

Marketing Manager, Lusardi Construction Company

“It’s ironic that despite growing up with it all around me, the construction industry was never on my radar”.   After graduating Chico State where she majored in Sustainable Business Management, Marcella struggled to find a good job.  She returned to San Diego and landed an internship with a local General Contractor.  She shared she was nervous and intimidated but excited to learn.  “I made a concerted effort to learn and actively listen, eventually leading me to a full-time business development marketing position”. From 2017-2018, she put her career on pause to pursue a dream.  She traveled across the western United States and Canada, traversed 26 national parks, and embraced life changing experiences. Upon her return in 2019, she rejoined construction industry with Lusardi Construction Company.

Looking forward, she is focused on mentoring and nurturing future leaders.  She is deeply committed to bridging the generational gap in the workforce; everyone has their unique strengths and weaknesses, by bridging those differences, we can achieve even greater success collectively. 

Marcella encourages women to pursue careers in this amazing industry. Her advice?  “Stay committed to your values, always lead by example..”  Most importantly, “Pay attention and be receptive to learning.  Take nothing for granted and live life to the fullest because you only have one shot at making something truly extraordinary!”